It all started when…

I became obsessed to find better dog boots after continually seeing my dog, Matisse, slip on the ice while wearing the non-traction boots on the market.

Even worse, I was paying a fortune for dog boots that were difficult to put on (they were just like balloons) and once on, cut off circulation in his legs.

In the winter the harsh salted sidewalks would cause him pain. In the warmer months, chemicals sprayed on lawns would have him biting at his paws all day. Plus the spring and summer rain storms had me washing his paws and my floors from the mud all the time.

So when I could not find good dog boots that fit, I decided to create them myself. I worked with different materials and molds, and many times had to start all over. But it worked. I wanted a solution to allow dogs to stay out and play. Thus, the drizzledry® dog boot was successfully born.

- Jennifer Mayster, drizzledry® Founder