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The World's Greatest Dog Boots

Specializing in small paws

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Does It All!


Since 2018, drizzledry® dog boots has been providing dogs with that extra layer of protection for their paws in every kind of weather. We sell high-grade reusable dog boots that protect paws from rain, winter salts, pesticides, and dirt. drizzledry® boots keep paws dry and clean and unlike other competitors, are highly durable, have more elasticity (easier to pull on and off), and come with custom traction soles. It's the perfect way to get your furry friends the protection they need, so they can stay out and play!



Your dog’s paws are protected from salt on the streets and sidewalks in the winter; and chemicals sprayed on lawns in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Your dog’s paws will stay dry and won’t dirty floors or furniture after a muddy walk from the Spring and Summer rain. When hiking the trails, drizzledry dog boots gives your dog's paws great protection against nasty pebbles and burrs.


Special Grip

The extra thick custom traction sole will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing your dog will be less likely to slip on the ice or other slippery surfaces. The thicker sole also helps paws stay warmer in the winter. The custom durable sole is a one-of-a-kind design for traction and paw protection. The design is precise and intricate, allowing the boots to fit many types of dogs' paws.


Flexibility & Health

You will love the ease of pulling the drizzledry dog boots on and off. Once on, our custom soft, extra stretchable rubber allows for leg circulation, which is essential for long-term leg and paw health. The design of the drizzledry dog boot allows for great flexibility, and a good light weight fit. The goal of protecting one paw at a time is paramount to the overall health of your dog.